Vinegia edp concentrèe 100ml - Veluto



Vinegia edp concentrèe 100ml


The perfume Vinegia pays tribute to the antique name of Venice and is the symbol of the whole Murano exclusive Collection. Its elegant flacon, made in typical venetian blue and gold colours, reinterpretes the most classic shape of Murano glass design showing a characteristic pattern inspired in the venetian influencial position in the world. The geometrical composition mixes an intense dark blue with warm gold creating a flow throughout the flacon. It is further embellished with a golden cup that shows the wind rose, and a golden metal label that hangs from the neck.

This fragrance elegantly expresses the time-honoured bond between Venice and the East; expresses the splendour, the opulence, and the fascinating alchemy for which that ancient world of spices is justifiably renowned. Oud is the main element in the formula. Majestic as it is, it easily expresses nobility and charm. The fragrance is then enriched with a mixture of warm notes such as Cedarwood and Patchouli, which in turn harmoniously combine with delicate touches of rose and apple blossoms.

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